carlotta valdinoci

visual artist, collagist and sculptor / Milan (Italy)


from the series “lei”, 2018

from the series “lei”, 2018


1. Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?

My creative practice is a planet with many facets. I have drawn every day since I was a child, using anything as a medium. I often do needlework. I carve and cut out stories with collages. I make sculptures, caressing and modeling clay. For the last year, I have been particularly fascinated by ceramic.

2. Why do you make art?
What are your main sources of motivation?

I make art because it’s an impulse I cannot repress; a fire that needs to express itself. Anything can be a source of motivation. Any emotion, gesture, visual and tactile stimuli can be the starting point to create my own new stories.

3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your early days as an artist?

I am and will always be a dreamer. Play and work overlap in my creative practice. When I play I get very excited and I take playing very seriously. I am a beginner and my drawings generate as impulses.

4. What was the first opportunity you were offered in the arts?

The various opportunities I have had were brought about through a number of encounters. My first show was in a gallery/bazaar in Brera, Milan. I exhibited my work alongside artists I admired, like Francesco De Molfetta, Robert Gligorov and Felipe Cardeña. Another opportunity arose was when I worked as an assistant to an art expert during Franko B's (an artist I love) show in 2010 called "I Still Love".  In this occasion I was able to appreciate the magic and depths of Franko's work as well as the hustle and bustle behind the scenes of the show.

from the series “lei” 2018

from the series “lei” 2018


5. What were the first risks you had to take? Do you think the challenges you had to face gradually evolved with your practice?

Deciding to follow your instinct and make art inevitably makes you take risks and face challenges every day. Art and courage go hand in hand.

6. How do the risks you take influence your work today?

The risks I take influence my work subconsciously. My subconscious plays a big role in my practice.

7. What puts you at ease when experimenting with something unfamiliar or trying out a new approach?

I approach my practice with curiosity. Wonder, desire, dedication and beauty make me feel alive. Experimentation is an indelible part of this process.

from the series “lei”, 2018

from the series “lei”, 2018


8.When overcoming challenges, what is the role of your community of peers and mentors?

I don't know if I really understand the idea of community of practice. Perhaps , all of my friends are part of it as well as everyone I respect and that appreciates my work. People I studied with, and definitely my family, are my daily source of energy.

9.Are you easily able to consider your work outside of the labels of ‘failure’ or ‘success’? If so, are there tools and techniques you use in thinking beyond these labels?

Categories have an undeniable weight. We live in a frenetic and overly efficient society. I think each of us should just look at their own unique journey. We have all gone through different experiences in life. Persistence, calmness and resilience are the best answers to our greedy society.

10. If you could go back in time and give yourself a good piece of advice what would it be, and is that the same advice you give yourself today?

I would tell her to be braver and have more confidence in her abilities. This is probably the same thing I would say to myself today and the soon-to-be-Charlie.

11.What are you working on at the moment, and is there anything particular that excites you?

Alongside making collages every day, in the last year I have approached the fragile world of ceramic, an incredible material I feel very drawn to.


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